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Globalgig is an International MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) with multiple wholesale and roaming agreements providing mobile broadband data services in 100+ countries across the Globalgig Network. A full list of our countries can be found here.


The Globalgig Network


We have partnered with Optus to bring you super-fast, low cost mobile data in Australia on their 4G network and Tier 1 networks internationally, to bring you low cost mobile data in over 100+ countries. We're continuing to grow our partner networks to deliver more value and coverage to our customers. We currently provide both 4G & 3G coverage with Optus in Australia and 3 in the UK.

Please ensure you enable the  single global Access Point Name (APN) in your device to

To take advantage of the full 100+ network, please contact Customer Service to ensure you have the correct SIM.


When travelling across the Globalgig Network you will get access to low cost mobile data at significantly cheaper rates then what is normally associated with mobile data roaming. When using our international plans your SIM and device will automatically register on our partner network when you arrive at your destination across the Globalgig network.


Mobile Data Coverage


In Australia we use the Optus 4G Network which offers super fast web browsing for 4G compatible devices. If you're not in a 4G area, you will automatically default to 3G coverage, which covers 98.5% of Australia. You can check coverage at


Devices and Frequencies


Your mobile data experience both domestically and internationally depends on the network coverage and the frequencies supported by the device you are using. Many countries use different frequencies so it's important to check the device you are using is compatible in the country you're visiting. As a guideline, these are the frequencies used by region:


1. Australia and South East Asia

3G Australia - 2100/900MHz

3G New Zealand - 2100/850MHz

4G Australia - 700/2300/1800 MHz


2. United Kingdom and Europe

3G - 2100/900MHz

UK 4G - 1800/800Mhz


3. USA

3G - 1900/850MHz (AT&T)

3G - 1900MHz and 2100MHz AWS (T-Mobile)


4. South America

3G - 1900/850MHz


Keeping track of your data usage


We will email you when your included data usage reaches 50%, 85% and 100%. You can also track your usage via My Account.


If you exceed your Australian data allowance, or are using the Globalgig service internationally, we will email you once you’ve incurred $50 excess or additional data charges, and at $50 increments thereafter.



Globalgig SIM Starter Pack


You can  order a SIM Pack online or pick one up  for $2 from our extensive network of retailers. Our SIM Pack is compatible with most unlocked, SIM enabled tablets and smartphones, Apple iOS 9 devices, Android and Windows 8 Tablets. When using the Globalgig SIM in your tablet use our global Access Point Name (APN) to access the internet in Australia and in 100+ countries across the Globalgig Network.


Bring Your Own Hotspot

You can use your Globalgig SIM  in any SIM enabled device to create your own secure WiFi Hotsport. Just ensure it is unlocked and you can access the APN settings.


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